APA (NSW) Member Update: A New Year, A New Level of Misinformation

Dear Members,

We are barely into the new year and NSW Ambulance (NSWA) is already demonstrating
their lack of concern for paramedic well-being and our rights.

Paramedics are reporting that they have received calls and emails from (NSWA) directing
them to take annual leave with very little notice. To make matters worse, there seems to
be a deliberate tactic to target our newest colleagues, who have been with us only one
year. Paramedics completing Inservice 2 are being forced to take annual leave with little
to no notice.

This is a clear breach of our award!

APA (NSW) has already assisted a number of members with this matter and is calling for
NSWA to stop this breach.

Members should be aware that only in very specific circumstances can the employer
force you to take leave without your consent, and even then you are required to be
provided 6 months notice.

If you are in this position, whether you are a veteran paramedic or new to our ranks,
please contact sector office and politely inform them that you will not be forced to take
annual leave. If NSWA tries to insist you take your leave, please contact your local

APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice