APA (NSW) Member Update: Another win for specialists and our community

Dear Member,

APA (NSW) has had another win for specialists today. PICU members contacted us to let
us know that NSW Ambulance (NSWA) planned to reduce PICU coverage in South West
Sydney from six paramedics to four. This was despite NSWA already appointing these
paramedics to PICU positions for two years. NSWA sought to strip these paramedics of
their entitlement to work the PICU roster for two years as per their letters of offer.

APA (NSW) took this fight to NSWA on behalf of our members and the community. Today
NSWA folded, agreeing that they will not reduce service delivery to the community and
will uphold their agreement with these paramedics.

As always, APA (NSW) will fight to ensure our members are treated fairly. We believe our
community needs more specialists not less.

APA (NSW) Executive

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