APA (NSW) Member Update: Mandatory Use of Auto Answer – WHS Concerns

Dear Member,

Today representatives of APA (NSW) attended the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC)
regarding the introduction of auto answer in Control Centres. All impacted
unions opposed the introduction of the mandatory use of auto answer on behalf of their
members, on the basis that it causes additional stress for workers in what is already an
incredibly stressful job. Surprisingly, NSW Ambulance (NSWA) has failed to conduct a risk
assessment to determine any risk/s that the introduction of this new work practice may
pose to its workers. Despite this, NSWA has advised that they will introduce
compulsory use of auto answer within 48 hours.

APA (NSW) instructs all members who hold concerns with respect to their work health and
safety (WHS), to STOP using auto answer immediately.

Managing WHS risks is both a RIGHT and an OBLIGATION. This obligation is shared by
the employer and employees. NSWA has shown they are not willing to fulfill this obligation
and as such we ask you to look out for yourselves and your colleagues.

APA (NSW) will back anyone who stands up for their right to be safe at work.

Should you have any concerns or require any assistance please contact the APA (NSW) office on (02) 9564 3261.

APA (NSW) Executive

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