APA (NSW) Member Update: Paramedics Wages Often an After Thought

Dear Member,

Yesterday APA (NSW) representatives met with NSW Ambulance (NSWA) and Health
Share NSW (HS NSW) representatives about the significant issues with payment of
wages over the Christmas period.

Disappointingly, Health Share NSW representatives attempted to downplay the
impact of the error. APA (NSW) representatives made it clear to them; paramedics work
very hard for their wages and being paid correctly is a bare minimum for their employer.

Health Share NSW acknowledged there was an error but were unable to provide a
reason. Health Share stated that they are currently conducting a review into what
happened. APA (NSW) insisted that along with identifying the cause, and rectifying this
to avoid future occurrences, there needs to be a process of escalation for future issues.
Paramedics should not have to wait days to receive information or a resolution. Health
Share have agreed to consider this.

The error in relation to additional public holiday was also discussed, which appears to
have been not programmed into Stafflink even though it is part of our Award. Another
area of discussion was the ability to process off duty call outs in an efficient manner,
there is no way for payments to occur for off duty call outs when on other types of leave.
We expect these issues to be resolved as part of this discussions.

APA (NSW) Executive

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