APA (NSW) Member Update – URGENT: Paramedics take stand against pay cut

URGENT: Paramedics take stand against pay cut

1 June 2020 

Dear Member,

For months we have put our health and our lives on the line in the COVID-19 pandemic, prior to that we worked through months of fires and then floods.  Standing alongside our colleagues we have been at the frontline of all these crises.

Despite this, all the NSW Government has for us is empty words. Last week, we asked if you would commit to industrial action to stand up against Gladys’ pay freeze.  97% of you responded with an overwhelming YES!

As a result of your overwhelming commitment to implement industrial action to demonstrate to the NSW Government that you will not tolerate a wage freeze,  APA (NSW) is requesting that you start your action TONIGHT at 2100hrs. The ban will involve omitting patient billing information. This action will hit the NSW Government’s pocket and not impact on our patient care.

We have included instructions on how to do this here.

In addition to the billing ban delegates will also be distributing liquid chalk to stations to ensure that our message is loud and clear for this Government. Click here to see the messages.

Please send photos of your chalked up Ambulances to wedeservebetter@apansw.com.au


We have a right to fight for our pay and conditions, hence APA (NSW) will support any member who is threatened as a result of engaging in the directed industrial action.

If you are approached by a manager politely tell them that you are engaging in industrial action and are supported by your union. Direct them to contact the APA (NSW) Secretary if they have concerns.

Please call the APA (NSW) office on 9564 3261 or the Secretary on 0414 645 274 (outside of hours) if you have any issues.

In solidarity,

APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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A printable copy of this update may be found here.