While we support our community – who will support us?- APA (NSW) Campaign Update



While we support our community – who will support us?
Monday 25 February 2019

Dear Member,

In early January APA (NSW) wrote to Opposition Leader Michael Daly to relay issues with paramedic conditions that MUST be addressed. APA (NSW) asked the Opposition Leader to stand behind APA (NSW), paramedics and the community. 

The Opposition Leader’s response? 
It took him nearly a month let to APA (NSW) know that he would pass on the correspondence to the Shadow Health spokesperson. Given the vital role paramedics and support staff play in our community you would think he would give these issues a little more attention. 

It seems, as always, that no one will stand up for paramedics. Paramedics are being left high and dry by successive Government’s – by the Labor, Liberal and National Parties. 

For eight years the Liberal Government of NSW has failed to support paramedics. Now it seems as though we cannot expect any better from Michael Daly or the Labor Party. 

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election or any other political event, APA (NSW) will always fight for better outcomes for paramedics.

Paramedics deserve better than politicians who shirk their responsibilities and so do the people of NSW.

A printable copy of this campaign update may be found here. 

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