Membership Benefits

APA (NSW) is a Trade Union for Paramedics and Support Staff which is run by Paramedics. The APA Executive consist of CTP qualified peers who understand the needs of NSW Ambulance Staff as affected individuals themselves. A major benefit as a member is the ability to contact an executive member and know your problem is understood.

Legal Support

APA (NSW) has a track record of providing legal advice and support for members when needed.


APA (NSW) has a proven track record advocating on behalf of members within a multitude of forums.


APA (NSW) maintains a network of regional and metropolitan Liaison Officers who provide on the ground support and assistance for members.


To find out more please read Frequently Asked Questions.

About APA (NSW)

The Australian Paramedics Association (NSW), referred to by its members as APA (NSW), is a registered Trade Union built on the foundations of freedom of choice and transparency.

The association represents the interests of Paramedics and Support Staff employed within the NSW Government Sector and covered under a State Award system.

APA (NSW) Staff and Committee

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Chris Kastelan

0411 150 066
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Glenn Congram

Vice President
0427 062 417
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Steve Pearce

0414 718 542
A 3rd generation unionist of 30 years mostly as a paramedic both on road and in the Control Room. I can confidently say, “APA (NSW) delivers more personal service to its membership than any other union in this space”. We have an uncompromisingly unified mission to look after each other. As a frontline paramedic I encourage all paramedics to come on board.
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Harini Kasturi

Senior Industrial Officer
Having a background as a solicitor with experience in work issues and workers compensation Harini joined APA (NSW) in October 2013
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Tim McEwan

Executive Committee
0448 004 339
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James Kydd

Executive Committee
0404 466 713
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Dan McPhee

Executive Committee
0418 223 991
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Gary Wilson

Executive Committee
0414 645 274
In my ‘previous life’ as a Project Engineer for a large multi-national I experienced the employers’ side of the industrial relationship with the large construction unions. As a Paramedic I came to truely appreciate the need for good union representation that was more about the member and less about the union.
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Tilak Nabi

Industrial Organiser
As the industrial organiser at APA (NSW), you will see me at worksites across NSW working with members to improve the lives of paramedics. I choose to work with paramedics as you are a vital part of the community which has often been forgotten. The community expects paramedics to be there when needed, for this to happen paramedics need the right support.
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John Hill

APA (NSW) Media Manager

Mountain Media
0412 197 079
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Bree Jacobs

Industrial Officer

Ambulance Paramedics and Support Staff who are eligible can apply for membership by clicking the Join APA (NSW) button and following the directions provided

Frequently Asked Questions

APA (NSW) is a Trade Union run by paramedics for paramedics. Full time staff are also employed in the capacity of Industrial Officers and Union Organisers. APA (NSW) is always looking for members wishing to become more involved and encourage you to contact our Secretary if you want to do more in the workplace.

The membership of APA (NSW) is limited to NSW Ambulance employees and as such all members are bound by NSW Ambulance Media and Social Media Policies. The only protection for members is to ensure comment from APA (NSW) is reported from the correct source. This will ensure accuracy and continuity of all outgoing information for use in the public domain as well as protect members. The Media Managers details are on the web and all requests should be referred to them.

You are covered from the moment you become a financial member of APA (NSW), for incidents that occur subsequent to you joining APA (NSW). If you have not received information from the Association within 4 weeks via email, or bank deductions of subscription fees have not commenced within 2 pay periods, please contact us at

You will not be covered for industrial/workplace issue/s that arose prior to becoming a member of APA (NSW) unless approved by the APA (NSW) Executive. In this instance, you will be considered a member of convenience.

A member of convenience is a person whose membership request has been approved by the APA (NSW) Executive in order for them to receive assistance from APA (NSW) for workplace/industrial issue/s which arose prior to their membership. Members of convenience are restricted in the legal and industrial support afforded to them by APA (NSW).

APA (NSW) Executive reserves the right to determine what level (if any) of industrial and legal support are allocated to members of convenience. Generally, members of convenience are to be afforded industrial support from APA (NSW) Liaison Officers. Industrial advice from the APA (NSW) Industrial Team is only afforded if the Executive believes such advice is warranted and approves the advice. Legal support & advocacy in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission or any other relevant Court or Tribunal is not generally provided to members of convenience unless authorised by the APA (NSW) Executive. APA (NSW) may wish to provide legal support for members of convenience if the industrial issue/s involved is of significance to APA (NSW)’s membership.

The abovementioned restrictions do not apply to any new workplace/industrial issue/s that arise after membership is approved that has no connection to the workplace/industrial issue/s which arose prior to membership.

Legal assistance at short notice is a rarity and in the experience of the executive has never actually been required within 24 hours except for the purpose of peace of mind. As a member of APA (NSW) you will be provided the opportunity to have your matter evaluated by our designated legal team as required while at the same time having the support of a registered industrial body.

All enquiries should be directed to our office or your local delegate.

Yes, APA (NSW), now an industrially registered body. We are a free voice. We believe in not being constrained by politics and we are not aligned to any particular political party. We put our members first as we exist ONLY for our members.

Your first point of call will be your Regional or Metro Liaison Officer. All members of the Executive Committee are available by email or phone and will assist where possible. All suggestions and comments are welcome. APA (NSW) is driven by its members, meaning the success and potential of APA (NSW) is dependent on members offering ideas and opinions, and standing together to become a united force.

Currently, APA (NSW) is only able to cover employees with paramedic qualifications under the Operational Ambulance Officers (State) Award.

There are three (3) categories of workplace coverage:

A. Professional Indemnity
B. Award coverage
C. Professional/Clinical/Administrative coverage

A. Professional Indemnity

Normally, when an employee causes loss, damage, injury or death to a third party whilst working in the employment role and provided the employee has followed proper working procedures and protocols and has not been grossly negligent in carrying out their duties of employment, then the employer is legally responsible for the actions of the employee. In the unlikely event one was to be involved in a workplace matter which as part of one’s duties attracted the potential for litigation the employer has this indemnity in place to provide protection to individual employees having external litigation brought against them.

B. Award Coverage

Award Coverage is provided by the Industrially Registered body for your workplace (union). Essentially the union represents all persons within the workplace who are covered by the specific award conditions for that workplace. A non-union member is covered under the same award as union members but if representation is not forthcoming by the union, and you are an APA member, we will advise you with a view to representation and the possible provision of a lawyer.

C. Professional/Clinical/Administrative coverage

Professional/Clinical/Administrative Coverage is the area APA (NSW) has historically provided services to members. Legal assistance, representation and information can be provided to members of the APA (NSW) for workplace and employment related matters. Allegations relating to criminal conduct, sexual harassment and other serious conduct may not be covered under the APA (NSW) Rules and By-Laws and as such each case will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis by the APA (NSW) Executive Committee in respect to this coverage.

Legal/Industrial assistance, representation and information can be provided to fee paying members of the APA (NSW) in relation to an incident or allegation that arises in the course of their employment.

In the first instance you need to contact our office administrator via the APA website legal enquiry form and be prepared to advise the following information:

i. the nature of the inquiry, implication or allegation
ii. the date of the alleged incident
iii. the location of the alleged incident
iv. any other material fact relating to the alleged incident

Initial and ongoing approval for the provision of legal assistance is at the discretion of the APA (NSW) Executive Committee. Once a matter is referred to the legal team, members will receive legal representation. This may include but is not limited to having a lawyer attend an interview with (NSW) Ambulance, allocated investigators, the police or attendance in court.

If a lawyer’s attendance is required it will be determined by the legal team in consultation with the APA (NSW) Executive Committee.

The APA (NSW) Executive Committee have been working incredibly hard to deliver the best outcomes for APA (NSW) members. The Executive Committee is made up of volunteers, most of whom are full time paramedics and who have given many hours of their time to ensure the smooth running of the Association. We face many challenges, but we are in a state of change and looking forward to a positive future for APA members.

Contact APA (NSW)

Postal Address: PO Box 152, Ulladulla NSW 2539

Office Address: Canonbury Grove, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

General Enquiries, Phone: (02) 9564 3261

If your matter is urgent, call assistant secretary Gary Wilson on: 0414 645 274

Fax: (02) 8079 0634

Legal Enquiries (Members Only): (02) 9564 3261

General Enquiries, Email: